Circle Contact Lenses for Light Eyes


Ok, what the heck are circle lenses?

If you have no idea what circle lenses are, they’re basically coloured contact lenses that are a little bit bigger than your natural iris, ranging from 14mm up to 22mm(?!).

Why….would I want that, sorry?

Basically, it’s part of the “Ulzzang” (‘ool-jang), or ‘best face’ look. It’s a Korean phrase that I take to mean putting your best face forward. It’s you, but it’s a more enhanced version of you: a cute, fresh-faced look. So, think of barely noticeable makeup, unpainted nails, casual clothes…but everything just looks a little more perfect. An airbrushed you. Ulzzangs in Korea are basically the instagram models of the West, where they’re noticed for their looks and then get into show business or have their own online shopping sites, because people like their look/style. To the untrained eye, you’d just think they’re some really attractive people, but I’m sure everyone’s seen those videos of the ‘ugly’ girl transforming through makeup – it’s just that, compared to Western style makeup, the point is to enhance, not to glam up.

This girl is obviously not ugly, but this shows the Ulzzang process: makeup, then photoshop to complete the look
Famous Ulzzang Park Sora

I’ve been a fan of circle lenses for a few years, getting my first pair in 2010. However, it was so difficult to find ones that would fit my eyes (they change from blue to green, to grey), and I had no idea what to get. So I got ones that had a black ring around the edge…and I basically looked like a werewolf. Definitely one of the cringier times in my life. I kind of wrote-off all coloured contacts as a luxury after that, especially since I didn’t need corrective lenses. Now that I do need to however, glasses drive me crazy and make literal dents in my nose. So I decided to try one last effort to find some coloured circle lenses.

Where do you even find them?

After hours of research, I found Pinky Paradise, and they have a huge amount of categories – even for light eyes – and customer photos to show how each style looks. The ones I really wanted weren’t in stock in my prescription, but what I got instead actually turned out much better. The EOS Fairy Grey lenses in 14.5mm are a perfect fit for my eye colour, and I can actually see with them; something I was a bit apprehensive about. They arrived quickly, within two weeks – which is rare for Australia – in sterile glass vials of contact solution for hygiene reasons, so that you can see if there are any defects, and you can return them if needed. Also, they came with a free animal case, adorable stickers, and the cutest instruction leaflet I’ve ever seen. *_*

Perfect with Azeredo Icon lashes (discount code: Lola10)

How do you use them?

I soaked them overnight in my favourite lens fluid and tried them out the next day. After so much researching, some common complaints about circle lenses in general were that they’re thick and unbreathable, leading to discomfort and drying out of your eyes, and a warning not to wear them for more than a couple hours at a time, especially in the beginning. But I found they were so thin I even had trouble putting them in – much thinner than my usual monthlies (and the EOS are purportedly yearly lenses, although I probably wouldn’t use them for that long), and when I wasn’t able to get back home after a couple hours, they were still super comfortable!

Wearing those Azeredo lashes *_*

I could not be happier with these. It kind of looks like my childhood self (have you ever noticed little kids had seemingly huge eyes proportionate to their bodies?), I can see without discomfort, and they enhance a minimal makeup look, which is a huge plus since my skin has been changing lately, and I’m finding I actually kind of hate wearing so much of it nowadays.


What to look for

If you’re looking for a solution like me, and can’t find any lenses for your light eyes, I highly recommend this site. It was much easier to use than any of the others I looked at, and even though there weren’t as many reviews for the ones I bought, the photos were what sold me, and I’m glad I didn’t wait for the out-of-stock ones (you give them your email so they can let you know when they’re back in stock, and four weeks on; no word). Look for lenses without a limbal ring (the dark edge that made me look like a vampire/werewolf/whatever), and if you don’t have grey eyes, choose a mix of colours, like tri-colour, so they look more natural….unless that’s not the look you’re going for. In that case, there are red, purple, pink with heart shapes – just go for it!

WARNING: As with anything that goes near your eyes, you should take the utmost care with lenses, and circle lenses in particular. There are plenty of horror stories over infection, irritation etc, which I won’t go into here – you should always do your own research to find what fits you best. Make sure you do your research with regard to brand/size/store.

I hadn’t done a post in a while, since I’m still recovering, and I literally dislocated my thumb at lunch T_T so hopefully this is helpful! Happy shopping!


xo Lo