Disasteros: I Watched 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones in a Week For the Ultimate Disappointment


(Stay tuned for memes at the end – these are not my memes, but I chuckled, and thought you might too. All recognition to the creators)


Alright. Far from listing every thing that went wrong with the last season of Game of Thrones (because if I start, I’ll never stop), I’m just going to do a summation of why fans were disappointed.


Contrary to what people like Sophie Turner (who played Sansa) claims, it’s not people being disrespectful or rude towards those who worked hard on the series. Usually, when a series such as this ends, it is to be expected that there will be some kind of controversy over the ending, or small dissatisfactions, especially in the most hardcore fans. This is not that.


In fact, fans are disappointed because with all the work that was put into such an influential show (just check out how tourism is doing in the filming locations for an example) over eight years, creating beloved characters, surprising and heartbreaking story arcs and character development, they feel they have ultimately been betrayed with a rushed ending that undoes all its own impressive work. They are not blaming the crew or the cast, they know very well who to blame, and all the memes, the petitions to re-film the last season, and all the criticism has been leveled at the same two people; showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, or D&D as they are now notoriously known as.


Not only that, but in the inexplicably short six episode final season, all important decisions and scenes that would once have taken entire seasons were now rushed and squeezed into part of an episode together. Meanwhile, a tiring amount of time was spent on awkward scenes where nothing happened, things that seemed to be purely a ‘will they or won’t they‘ device for suspense that fell flat, or for the sake of something that appeared to be an attempt at humour (my personal pet cringe, as per the one-liners that came with The Hobbit).


I can feel myself treading dangerously close to my own long list of critiques, but since they’ve been summed up over and over by countless others, I don’t want to spend my limited energy adding to it. I feel like I’m actually poisoning myself by dwelling on the frustration for what is, in the end, a TV show that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I will say that from the moment the season started, I felt something was very, very off and different, and that by the end, I was forcing myself to get through it in a mix of exasperation and bored resignation.


What I will do, however, is share the below videos of what went wrong, and what I’m going to pretend is how it actually all went down. I’m putting up a mental block on season eight, and leaving myself with a vague recall of Think Story’s rewriting because it makes much more sense to me, and is a satisfactory, if not happy, ending. It actually includes a lot of things I felt were a natural progression of the build-up of the previous seven seasons, and provides the same kind of bittersweet ends to the arcs of characters and the storyline overall that befits the tone of the series, without disregarding all the character development, foreshadowing and symbolism that the ‘real’ finale did. A fitting end, I think, and these videos really sum up everything I felt, without me having to repeat what others can explain much more concisely and eloquently.

Let me know what you thought, and whether you’d like to hear more of my takes on things (which will be more in-depth than this, as I really mean it when I say I can’t muster up the energy to add to the uproar).

As always, thanks for reading! Please enjoy the below selection of memes. They actually sum up what I felt as well.



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