Hi! I’m Lola, a qualified beauty therapist, currently residing on the Gold Coast. I have Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that means primarily that I’m hyperflexible and dislocate my joints easily, among other issues.

Becoming increasingly limited in what I am able to do, I decided to start blogging as a way of expressing myself, sharing my knowledge and to connect with others who may be experiencing similar situations to me, as well as to whoever else wants to read my ramblings. I post about lifestyle, beauty, skincare, makeup and random things I’m passionate about.

Here are some of them!

  • Travel (I’ve lived in several places, including Singapore, where I was able to travel a lot, fortunately)
  • Languages (currently learning Indonesian and Mandarin, as well as brushing up on my French)
  • Ancient history and mythology (currently top 10 in Australia…in trivia hahah)
  • Nutrition and cooking – it’s a must to have an interest when your body starts rejecting and reacting to more and more!
  • Music – always been a singer, although jaw issues have pretty much put a stop to that now
  • Video games – especially fantasy…I’m not great at them but I force myself through with sheer rage
  • Buddhism
  • Art
  • Writing – currently working on a children’s book
  • Film and TV – what else to do when you’re too exhausted to do anything else? And what’s more bingeable than Korean drama for a bad pain day?
  • The Moon. Don’t ask me why, I just love it – strangely, I can always tell when it’s a full moon